About the eduDNS service

What's this?

eduDNS is a dynamic dns service for GÉANT users.

You can log in the eduDNS portal via eduTEAMS, register meaningful, memorable hostnames (e.g. myservice.vm.edudns.eu), assign the hostname to your servers then provide access to your services via the hostnames.

How is it?

You can just try it using your eduTEAMS account.

For more information, please visit documentation .

Fair use of the service

The only thing we expect from you is fair use of this service:

  • Don't abuse the service in any way.
  • Don't update your hosts too often.
  • Don't do updates if your IP did not change.
  • Don't create lots of users or lots of hosts.
  • Don't use the service for any illegal or otherwise questionable purpose.
  • Don't spam us via e-mail.

We reserve the right to remove any account or hostname(s) that are related to unfair use of the service - at any time and without prior notice.